Sidetracked Edition 03
De derde editie van het online travel magazine SIDETRACKED is uit en er staan drie mooie verhalen in over fietsreizen door Afrika, Rusland en Australië.

Helen Loyd schrijft over haar solo-reis door Afrika:

“I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be doing right then. What better way to spend my days than cycling through pretty villages on quiet roads and alongside rivers until I was tired, when I could just stop wherever I liked? I had time to read and I had time to visit cathedrals and castles. Time to enjoy a drink of red wine in the evening or coffee with croissants for breakfast. Definitely better that working in an office.”

Sidetracked Edition 03
Emma Philpott en Justin Hewitt fietsten door Rusland:

“The ground closest to the road is soaked with stagnant waterways but every now and then the trees open up into wide swamplands filled with dragonflies and ducks. By car, bus or train this would be a smudge of brown and green passed all too quickly but under our own steam we see the appeal of this wild land to a nation of outdoorsmen.”

Sidetracked Edition 03 Rusland
David Piper vertelt over zijn solo-trip door Australië:

“I longed for a climb, if only to see a horizon more than a mile distant, and prayed for that horizon to be different from that which inevitably came. More scrub, more bush, more plains, more red-brown earth. “

Sidetracked Edition 03 Australië

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